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Want a fast, guaranteed, no fuss sale of your property?

As property investors, Carpin Properties Group specialise in buying property direct from the owner. We buy any type of property in any type of condition, whole portfolios-tenanted or vacant. We can purchase your property and have the cash in your account within 3 weeks or exchange within days allowing you to move out when convenient to you.

Sell your property to us and rent it back with the option to buy it back when you can afford to at a fixed price. Fully confidential service allowing you to release your equity and remain in your home.

Repossessions stopped, mortgage arrears and credit cards cleared.

Call Carpin Properties Group on 07814 301789 or
Email quicksale@carpinproperties.com and arrange a FREE Valuation & CASH Offer

How can we help?

You want a quick guaranteed sale.

Your chain has broken and you don't want to lose out on the house of your dreams.

You need to sell your property before you get repossessed but want to continue living in your home and would like the option to buy your home back when you can afford to.

You are getting Divorced/Separated and want things finalised fast so you can both move on.

You do not want the stress associated with selling your home.

You have a property in a deceased's estate and want the money quickly to divide and distribute.

You have problem tenants who won't move out and you want to sell immediately.

You are moving away/abroad and have time scales to work to.

You don't want to pay an estate agent up to 3% + VAT to take ages to sell your home.

You don't want to pay Solicitors fees on the same of your home.

You want a totally private and confidential sale & don't want your neighbours or anyone else know to know your business (No 'For Sale' boards or Local Newspaper adverts).

Call Carpin Properties Group on 07814 301789 or Email:quicksale@carpinproperties.com and arrange a FREE Valuation & CASH Offer


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